Student Life

Our school culture endorses and expresses authentic Christian love, the fullest excellence of the human person without which, as St. Paul reminds us, we have nothing.  Following St. Francis, we bid peace and all good to all in our learning community.  Derogation, harassment, and bullying have no place at STMA.

The Academy Graduate

“If we want to have a good society,” said St. 约翰。博斯科说:“我们必须集中我们所有的力量对年轻人进行基督教教育.“该学院的创始人罗伯特·卢迪表达了我们在学校热切追求的结果.  With a strong work ethic and well-formed aspirations, striving to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit, our graduates exemplify American values and entrepreneurialism.  They learn to prize virtuous leadership, well-developed judgment, self-reliance, and continuous learning.  They possess strong communication and technical skills, find the best solutions to challenges, and cooperate and contribute to common projects.  我们的学生以感恩和正直的态度完成学业, as critical thinkers who are ordered to truth and problem solving.  As Julian Simon says, “the ultimate resource is people—especially skilled, spirited, and hopeful young people endowed with liberty.”